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Minnewaukan is currently participating in the Horizon's Program which is an 18 month community leadership program aimed at reducing poverty in small rural and reservation communities faced with economic decline and demographic change.  The program is funded by the Northwest Area Foundation with technical support provided by NDSU- Extension Service.

During the course of the program, community volunteers will participate in 5 segments; Program Spotlight, Study Circles, Leadership Plenty, Community Visioning and Community Coaching and Action.

Horizon's Program Contacts:
ND Program Director: Lynette Flage, NDSU Extension
Regional Horizon's Coach: Gayle Gette, NDSU Extension
Local Contact: Claudette Carlson
Steering Committee: Lori Cline, Sherri Thompson, Lyndee Hesser, Ron Carlson, Claudette Carlson, Jo Dahlen
Study Circle Facilitators: Don Trnka, Karyn Neve, Andy Johnsrud, Sherri Thompson, Laura Every, Cynthia Lund & Claudette Carlson
Leadership Plenty Trainers: TBD
Bloggers: TBD
Community Photographers: TBD

During this phase, at least 5 community volunteers attended a spotlight event and learned about the program.  Those volunteers signed on additional volunteers willing to commit to the program and applied to be accepted.  Minnewaukan was selected to participate in the program.

Study Circles were facilitated on October 1, 15, 29 & November 5, 2008.  During these sessions, facilitators captured the ideas of the volunteers as it relates to the community vision, community assets, things the community is already doing well and action ideas.

Three priority actions were identified and committees were formed;

  • Ambulance/ First Responder
    Sharon (Chairperson), Myron, Bob, Claudette, Rita and Karyn
  • Cell Phone Signal
    Laura (Chairperson), Deb, Don, Troy, Nolan, Karen and Gary
  • Needed Services
    Lana (Chairperson), Lyndee, Cindy, Karyn, Jasmine, Deanna, Jennifer and Sherri

The first meeting of these committees will be held on December 3, 2008 at 5:30 PM at the Minnewaukan School.

Study Circle Notes:

Community Vision

  • A community of value
  • Population growth
  • More babies
  • Beautification
  • Keep what assets we have
  • Hospitable, secure, pride, recreation, respect and diverse

Community Assets

  • School
  • Location
  • Tourism
  • City Infrastructure
  • Low Rental Housing
  • County Seat/ Court House
  • Organizations
  • Churches
  • Grocery Store
  • Proximity to the lake
  • States Attorney
  • Social Services
  • Community Club, 55 Club, Fire Department, American Legion & Auxillary
  • Storage facilities
  • Public Health Nurse
  • USDA
  • Bars, Massage, Library, Senior Citizens Center, local businesses
  • Resorts
  • Water
  • Boat ramps, RV parks, Fish cleaning station, Lodging
  • After school program

Things we are already doing well

  • Meals on wheels
  • Horizon's
  • Beautification committee
  • Fishtival
  • Summer Fest
  • Santa Claus Day
  • Boat Ramps & Fish cleaning station
  • Library
  • Using the church for school
  • School assisting with community
  • 55 Club
  • Community Club
  • Joint efforts- cost sharing
  • Support community businesses
  • Education

Action Ideas:

  • Buddy system for travel
  • Recycling
  • Earth Day clean up
  • Cell phone service improvements
  • Daytime restaurant
  • Main Street improvements
  • ATM
  • Experience Works
  • Needed Services- childcare, welcome group, youth activities, list of needs and volunteers
  • Ambulance Service
  • Community Center
  • Fuel Cardtroll
  • Go Green- swap facility, recycling, special garbage pick-up
  • 1460 building elevation restriction
  • Increase 55 Club membership- make meals available for community, flyer in water bill, publicize bus schedule
  • Youth center activities- picnic at the lake, chess club, lego club, summer program volunteers
  • Grant writing capabilities
  • Wireless internet
  • Speed limit enforced
  • Labor force
  • Day care
  • City ordinance- pride, poverty, clean-up
  • Clothes closet
  • Community gatherings- fish fry, Lake Region Anglers
  • Safety
  • More local employment
  • Food pantry
  • Retired Senior Volunteer Program
  • Bring back Minnie H
  • Community gardens


Bulletin Board

January 2009

1) Leadership Plenty Training has begun.  The first of four sessions was January 7th.  We completed Modules 1 and 2.  There were eighteen present.  The minimum allowed is 20, thus you're welcome and invited to attend :)  Meals are the best part - Garry Thompson and Kelli Armentrout are the cooks!  Cyndy Lund, Beth Beecroft and myself are the instructors.  The remaining sessions are: 
Wed, Jan 21 - modules 3,4,5;
Wed, Jan 28 - modules 6 & 7; and Wed, Feb 4 - modules 8 & 9    Sessions begin at 5:30 to 6:30; Meal at 6:30 to 7:00; session from 7:00 to 8:00, all classes are in the History room at the school. 
I do know of one special committee meeting during the meal break - the Emergency Medical committee.  We'll aim to sit together and plan the CPR training. :)   luv those duo meetings :)
2) We will be receiving a projector and screen for our City :) Available for our use
3) we have a digital camera - thanks to Beth, we have some pictures, too!  More photographers are needed
4) If we get three blogs on the web by February we begin to qualify for a computer/printer...and
if we get six bloggers, minimum, we qualify :)  I believe we have Annette Schmid, Mitchell Otten, Beth Beecroft, Lori Cline, all agreeing to be bloggers.  If you're interested or know of someone who may be interested - let me know.  The description for a Horizions Blogger position is:  Position Goals:  track community progress in Horizions program on a blog site set up by the funder; Blog site is use as a tool to communicate upcoming events and changes happening in the community in a way that the NW Area Foundation can recognize progress toward goals of poverty reduction efforts.   Skills Needed:  Ability to use basic computer programs;  Willingness to attend training to learn the techniques to blog (We're hoping to be able to learn from the blogger booklets we have - if needed, Gayle will come to Minnewaukan for a lesson); Ability to pass on knowledge of blogging to other comunity members to encourage more people to blog;  Willingness to maintain and update the comunity blog site at least 2 times per month;  Willingness to gather input and anwer blog questions posed during each phase of the project.  Term:  18 months...(less now); Time Involved - Aprox 2 hours per month.   So - now you know :)  I know my e-mail will be flooded with volunteers :)...I Hope
5) Keep watch for a February CPR/First Aid training in February 2008  :)
THANK YOU Everyone - even if you mention the Horizions Program in conversation - you've Helped!
Claudette C